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Boating Under the Influence

Boating Under the Influence charges are very similar to being arrested for driving under the influence. The penalties are virtually identical except for one very important difference. BUI arrest and conviction does not affect your driver’s license or your driving status in any way. Refusal to take a breath test for instance results only in a $500.00 fine, not a severe license suspension. The other probation and penalties, fines are virtually the same. Having a prior BUI however can lead to aggravated consequences if you are subsequently
arrested and convicted for DUI. In that instance a prior BUI conviction acts as a prior DUI conviction. If the BUI charges are sustainable, Palm Beach county does have a program for first offenders but there are qualifications to being accepted into the program. Just as in DUI arrests some people are not initially accepted into the program. It takes then an experienced BUI attorney to fight for your acceptance into the first offenders program and to fight the validity of the charges in the first place.

If you have been arrested for BUI- boating under the influence in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and all of Palm Beach county, call Attorney Darren Shull at the Law Offices of Darren D. Shull, P.A.