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Darren Shull Represents Jupiter Police Officer

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Darren Shull Represents Jupiter Police Officer

Attorney Darren Shull represents Jupiter Police Officer Kevin Jacko for alleged Excessive Use of Force during an arrest of 9 time convicted felon Tequesta resident Cody Blankenship. Officer Kevin Jacko was charged by the Palm Beach State Attorneys Office with one count of Aggravated Battery for June 6th, 2013 incident.

Mr. Blankenship has been arrested on three different occasions for violently fighting police officers while being arrested.

Jupiter police officer Kevin Jacko peacefully surrendered to authorities last month after being charged with using excessive force. The charges came after Cody Ross Blakenship was arrested by officer Jacko and several other police officers on June 6, 2013.

Blankenship was stopped by officer Jacko and another officer after the police had received a trespassing complaint. During the questioning officer Jacko noticed what appeared to be a capped syringe in Blakenship’s waistband and questioned Blakenship about it. Blakenship then turned away and appeared to reach for the object. As the officers tried to grab Blakenship’s arm, Blakenship fled. The officers then pursued Blakenship through several backyards, jumping multiple fences to reach Blakenship. Officer Jacko stated that once he caught up to Blakenship as he was climbing over a fence, Blakenship moved his leg back and struck officer Jacko on his face. Blankenship fled further until being apprehended by Jupiter officers.

Video of Blakenship’s Arrest

A mounted camera captured the officers’ arrest of Blakenship. The video is fuzzy but it appears that the officers were trying to subdue the fleeing suspect. Florida Statutes section 776.05 allows officers to use force in an arrest when it is necessary to apprehend felons fleeing from justice or when they believe that the fleeing felony poses a threat of serious physical harm to officers or others.

A main issue of contention in this case involves whether Blakenship’s injuries merely stemmed from falling face down when officers justifiably apprehended him.

Officer Jacko has pled not guilty to charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Officer Jacko has served as a police officer for over 20 years. In a previous statement to the press Officer Jacko affirmed that he wants to get this situation corrected, and that he knows he is going to.

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