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Does your case need a counter-investigation?

Darren D. Shull, P.A. > Does your case need a counter-investigation?

Counter-investigation is the use of experienced private investigators to re-investigate the charges against you to find exculpatory information. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that tends to show that lack of guilt. Police officers may sometimes come to the wrong conclusions while investigating criminal offenses that may be based upon untruthful or mistaken witnesses or not interviewing all the witnesses that are available. Witnesses may sometimes have motivations not to tell the truth or have criminal records that call into question their credibility. Sometimes Police officers themselves do not have the experience, training and knowledge necessary to come to the correct conclusion. Lack of proper equipment or faulty equipment can often lead to misleading results.



The investigators employed by Darren D. Shull, P.A. are all State Certified investigators, former Law Enforcement officers or crime scene investigators that bring a wealth of criminal law investigation experience to work for you the client. Additional witness investigation and location or the proper collection of physical evidence such as latent fingerprints, DNA, voice stress analysis, polygraph tests and other crime scene investigation techniques can many times make the difference between a conviction and incarceration and your freedom. Let the team of experienced private investigators confidentially work for you to bring you the peace of mind that your case is being properly presented to the prosecutors at the State Attorneys Office.



Expert witnesses in Counter-Investigations


The government may employ expert witnesses to investigate, analyze and then report their findings in an effort to make a case against you. These experts depend upon the Government for their employment, therefore, they may not have your best interests at heart. Defense experts in the criminal field usually are toxicologists, DNA analysts, polygraph examiners, latent (fingerprint) examiners, accident re-constructionist, intoxilyzer or breathalyzer engineers and experts in police tactics. Just remember for every government expert there is a private expert willing and able to work for you to make sure the government has it right and testify in court on your behalf.



As a former career prosecutor and as a defense attorney I have conducted thousands of investigations for the government and for my clients. I have the experience necessary to determine what the Prosecutors are looking for when they decide to prosecute a case or not.