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Drug Related Crimes

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Defending Floridians Against Drug Possession Charges



Knowledgeable and Effective Criminal Defense in South Florida



Don’t leave the most important decision in your life to chance. If you have been charged with the possession or selling of drugs, you need to be represented by a lawyer who understands all of the legal variables regarding drug offenses. For instance, the severity of charges can be enhanced depending upon where the alleged crime took place. Drug crimes that take place near schools, churches, daycare facilities and parks are punished more severely.



At the Law Offices of Darren D. Shull, P.A., we are extremely familiar with the local criminal justice system. Attorney Darren D. Shull has over 24 years of experience providing for the needs of clients in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area. We will examine the details of your drug-related arrest and develop an effective strategy focused on meeting your unique goals. Contact us at 561-972-6444 to receive a free initial consultation.

Protecting Your Rights – Holding Police Accountable


Our dedicated legal staff will aggressively protect your rights if you have been charged with any of the following drug offenses:



Police must have probable cause to search you. We will examine the details of your arrest in order to determine whether law enforcement followed proper search and seizure laws.



Minimizing the Consequences You Face


We will explore all available options in order minimize the consequences you face. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who understand the alternative sentence programs. We can refer you to treatment centers.



In Florida, you can lose your driver’s license for one year if you are adjudicated of a drug crime. Included in that one year suspension is a six months “hard” suspension where there is no possibility of a work permit. However, we will try to get your license back sooner through negotiations and drug treatment.



Contact us to receive a free initial consultation and begin examining your options. We have offices to Jupiter and West Palm Beach. We offer in-jail, evening and Saturday appointments upon special request.



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