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What To Do If You Get a DUI


It’s upsetting and embarrassing to be arrested and you may feel overwhelmed at the moment about what to do next. 29 year Veteran Criminal Attorney Darren Shull can help you through this difficult process. You must be aware of one very important matter and that is your driving privileges will be suspended as a result of this arrest. You have 10 days from the date of arrest to request either a Formal review hearing or an Eligibility review waiver hardship permit from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles Bureau of Administrative Review before the suspension takes effect and you totally lose your ability to drive. Attorney Darren Shull can handle getting a work permit and/or setting up a hearing for you to challenge the license suspension and make arrangements before any “hard”(can’t drive for any reason) suspension take effect depending upon the timing.


The Law Office of Darren D. Shull is not a ticket clinic when it comes to DUI’s. Our office gives individualized attention for each client and each case facing a DUI charge from DMV formal review hearing to the conclusion of the case either by trial or plea.

You should retain competent legal counsel to help protect your driving record but also to advise and defend your rights against the criminal charge of DUI. It is likely that you are or will be swamped with other letters and brochures regarding your arrest from other lawyers, so please consider the following qualifications when making your important decision:




*29 years combined experience as a defense attorney & prosecutor. Tried over 120 jury trials from DUI to homicide; Career prosecutor with 16 years as an assistant state attorney in Palm Beach County;

*Mr. Shull was a major crimes/sex crimes prosecutor; Division chief in county court & felony court divisions supervising other prosecutors.

Law enforcement instructor; Mr. Shull has instructed thousands of law enforcement officers within Palm Beach County and statewide on investigation techniques and testifying in court.

*Darren Shull was a Senior DUI Prosecutor in Palm Beach county for several years so he knows the “other” side.

*As a defense attorney, Darren Shull successfully defended thousands cases, many of them very serious.

*Darren Shull is a United States Marine Corps Veteran

*Main law office is conveniently located in Jupiter, Fl.; just minutes from I-95.

*There is no charge for an initial consultation and office visit. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

Recent Update in DUI Law

The DMV Bureau of Administrative review Office is now closed in Palm Beach County making it more difficult to get a work permit in Palm Beach & Martin Counties.


As of June 1st, 2013 in Palm Beach County, the State Attorneys Office has set up a special first time offenders program for citizens arrested for DUI. The first offender DUI program may allow you to avoid a DUI conviction.

You may qualify for the program if the following is applicable to your case:

  • A first DUI offense/arrest.
  • Valid drivers license at the time of arrest.
  • Blood alcohol content of less than .200.
  • There was not an accident.
  • There are no controlled substances involved, INCLUDING marijuana.
  • No children or pets in the car.
  • No prior state prison sentence.
  • No pre-trial diversions
  • Plea must be entered at a satellite courthouse.
  • No prior filing of motions or demand for discovery or jury trial.

Many folks arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) do not qualify for the first offender program for different reasons. Ultimately it’s the State Attorney’s decision as to who is allowed into the program. If you have been arrested for a serious traffic offense such as DUI you should never risk going into court unrepresented where you have no idea what may be offered to you to resolve your case and the implications of accepting a plea. The mistake a Pro Se person could make can have a lifetime of negative consequences.

At the Law Offices of Darren D. Shull we have represented numerous people who initially did not qualify for first offender program who were then accepted into the program after a thorough review of their case to determine the viability of the States case.

Note, even if another driver is partially at fault in a fatal accident and  if you are also partially at fault & impaired, you can be charged with DUI Manslaughter.

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