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Public Corruption

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Public Corruption


Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens Jupiter attorney Darren Shull defends clients charged with Public Corruption; Generally referred to under Florida Statutes Chapter 838 entitled “Bribery; Misuse of Public Office.”  Florida Statutes



Chapter 838 covers: 


838.015 Bribery.

838.016 Unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior.

838.021 Corruption by threat against public servant.

838.022 Official misconduct.

838.12 Bribery in athletic contests.

838.15 Commercial bribe receiving.

838.16 Commercial bribery.

838.21 Disclosure or use of confidential criminal justice information.

838.22 Bid tampering.



Except for 838.021 “Corruption by Threat’” all of the other Statutes in this chapter have the common scheme: A person in Authority either misuses their power or has been compensated in some way to act based upon the unlawful compensation. These laws are based upon the premise that if you are a Public Official or a police Officer and you act in a way to cover up your mistakes or take a bribe or become enriched by taking actions to benefit yourself than you could be prosecuted under this chapter.

“Corruption by threat” statute mainly deals with those individuals who try to bribe or threaten a public official or a police Officer to act in a certain way and that Official of police Officer actually considers that the person making the bribe or threat is serious and influences at least there thought process about their planned actions.



If you or someone you know is being investigated or has been arrested for any Public Corruption charges please call Attorney Darren Shull now.

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